Welcome to the Motherhood

     For my first post, I thought it would be appropriate to comment on the wonder that is Halloween. When you are a kid, Halloween is all about the treats and the costumes. There is a certain element of excitement that comes from being out of the house at night too. When you become a mother, there is a new level of joy and dread concerning the holiday. My son in 13 months old, so of course he is going to be dressed in an overly adorable monkey costume and haphazardly walk around looking completely confused. Since I am nearly seven months pregnant and fashion a fairly noticeable baby bump, I can either dress as a Forrest creature or a knocked up cheerleader. Well I ended up spending my grown-up evening with friends as a knocked up school girl, it was kind of depressing and the entire evening was a disappointment. Not drinking for a Halloween party makes the entire event a little less fun.

    On the actual day of Halloween, I took my son to a church carnival. This was a really fun experience, since he is 13 months he runs around through the crowed just trying to get a good glimpse of everything that is actually going on above him. This experience also made me reconsider one of those kid leashes.

      What did you dress your little ones as? I really wanted to make a homemade costume this year but since my son fell in love with a monkey costume at Target, it made it impossible not to take the easy way out.

     All in all, a successful holiday completed!