Must haves? A look at a few items for a new baby.

 When you’re pregnant, you are bombarded with people telling you what you need to buy, whether it be your nosey mother-in-law or a brochure that comes with your Babies R Us receipt. As someone who is expecting for the second time, I am less taunted by all this advice. Here are a few items that were purchased with my first new baby and I will let you know if it was a hit or a miss.

The Bumbo

I can see why some people may like the bumbo, and also why some babies might react to the bumbo in a positive way. I did not enjoy this fairly new invention and my son was just confused to why I insisted on putting him in it. Being propped up on the couch next to me seemed to make him happiest, while the bumbo just pinched his chubby little legs.

Hit or Miss –

It was a miss for me, they say it helps his ability to sit up on his own but my son had no problem doing that sans the bumbo.

The wipes warmer

This little device sounds ridiculous as soon as you hear it. It does keep the wipes warm, but does it really keep them moist and thus better for wiping our little ones tush? Not really.

Hit or Miss 

Miss, really kind-of a waste of money.


The bottle warmer

Another device that is somewhat similar to the diaper warmer, in the way that it allows you to plug-in your device in the nursery. There are many studies and articles that claim you should not use a microwave to heat up your baby’s bottle because of heat spots, so this is a way to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Hit or Miss- 

Somewhere in the middle. The concept isn’t bad, but mostly because it allows you to heat the bottles at night without walking to the kitchen. As for my child, we never used it because he prefered his milk room temperature.

The swing

Having a baby swing is so important but you might not even know how great they are unless you have one. If you get the right one, they can be soothing and comfortable for your little one, while simultaneously creating a bit of freedom for yourself. I was able to make dinner, take showers, read, and throw in a load of laundry, all while my little boy blissfully swung back and forth.

Hit or Miss-

Total hit!

The Changing table

Changing tables seem like a little extra work, your baby is wet while you are relaxing on the couch with her, so it would seem much easier to just change her on said couch. Many mothers prefer to change their babies wherever they happen to be, while others think that a changing table is a necessity. Both options have their benefits depending on the way a parent likes to swing.

Hit or Miss-

It’s a hit for me. I always liked the changing table because it kept things quick and clean. The diapers, rash ointment, wipes are all within arms reach and if there is a major mess, it is much easier to swipe the poo off a plastic pad.

The Boppy

This pillow-like object rests around your tummy in order to make breastfeeding easier is praised by many new breastfeeding mothers. It does make the way you angle your little one much easier. If a baby does not cooperate with the way that you place him/her it doesn’t really matter that there is the extra padding.

Hit or Miss-

 It was a bit of a hit and miss for me. I rarely used it to breastfeed because I found it too difficult BUT after giving birth and tearing worse than one can imagine, I used the Boppy as a fabulous cushion for every seat in the house.

Shopping Cart Cover

Before I had my son, I was terrified of all the germs that would reach him. I rarely wanted to take him to public places because I had only recently gotten over my own personal germophobia. There was a period of time that I used to pump my gas using paper towels to hold the pump. It was a sickness that I had gotten over for the most part, but was still weary of the nasty germs that would befall my little man. These cart covers are quite nifty, they just hang over the seats and make it a little extra cushy. Some have little toys or mirrors attached to entertain our little ADD babies.

Hit or Miss-

Pretty much a miss. It was such a pain to strap it in the cart every shopping trip, not to mention the fact that my son would just find a spot on the cart that was exposed to touch. In reality, I don’t want to turn my kid into a bubble boy, so he might as well be exposed to the nasty outside world in its entirety. I can just give him a bath when we get home.


There are many types of slings on the market. Some are like backpacks and some are like kangaroo pouches. They also range from the cheap ($15) to the pricey ($150). It all seems like quite a lot of fuss for something that could seemingly be replaced with holding your baby in your arms.

Hit or Miss-

 It was a hit for me. I liked having my little guy close to my chest but relieving some of the weight. Since I am an overly paranoid mother, I always kept one arm holding him even in the sling but it was still quite freeing.

What items are people always telling you to buy? which ones have actually been a total waste?

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