Great Moms from Television.

There are many great moms on television, some are warm and caring while others are strong and feisty. Here is a list of eight of my favorite television moms.

1. Lorelai Gilmore

Possibly the coolest mom on the list, Lorelai is funny, beautiful and always dedicated to her overachiever daughter, Rory. Without mom, Rory would have never been able to graduate from Yale. Although Lorelai is not perfect, she is often far too hard on her own mother, the often cold Emily. Even with her faults, Lorelai is my favorite television mom.

2. Cindy Walsh

Cindy may come off as a one-noted character, but that is probably because of all the teenage angst and drama that surrounds her. How is she going to compete with all that emotion? Beyond the pleasant facial expressions and the occasional half-enthusiastic disciplining statements like “Brenda!” as if to say, “Brenda do not call that Emily Valentine a slut or make comment about how daddy Walsh is being a douche about moving back to Minnesota.” Cindy also seems to always be cooking something delicious, which is always a good thing, and even includes her teenage kids in the process. One of my favorite things about Mrs. Walsh is her loyalty to rebel Dylan McKay, she knows he is a sweet and thoughtful young boy who just has a lot of problems. Dylan is also super hot, so that probably doesn’t escape her mind either, I wouldn’t mind keeping him shacked up in my house after a surfing accident either.
3. Shirley Partridge

I like Shirley because she is a working single mother. She decides to make her living in a creative way, and also includes all of her children in her venture. Some may say she is a slave-driver who forces that tambourine in her little girl’s hand, but I think she just wanted to make sure her whole family sticks together.

4. Elyse Keaton

Elise is a funny flower child mother. However she is intelligent, if not often ditsy. She is loving, rarely stern. I think I appreciate her because, let’s be honest, the kids are the ones running the show. Poor liberals, Elyse and Steven are just try their hardest with a brood of Reagan era kids, and I find them charming.

5. Roseanne Arnold

Okay, some people might think she yells too much and has very harsh ways of dealing with her kids but I think she is one of the most obviously loving mothers on television. Sometimes her kids act like brats and they need to be put in their place, so she uses methods that we all secretly use at home, but scoff at when we are around other mothers. Roseanne also works her ass off at menial crap jobs, one after the other, just to make sure she can put food on the table and buy Becky an ugly pink dress for her dance. One of my favorite episodes is when the whole family goes to the mall and after Dan suffers through a shoe sale and purchases $70 shoes, Rosie has him return them because that is the same price of the dress that Becky was dying to buy for her first big dance. That’s being a parent, give up any splurge you might encounter, for your kid. Also, Dan is one of the best fathers on television, so Roseanne is a lucky lady.

6.Samantha Stevens

I have to admit that the main draw to Samantha is that she is literally magical. I also just appreciate a wife from the 60’s that is clearly the brains of the operation. I also appreciate that even though her husband, Darren, is clearly fearful of all of her power, she still twitches her cute little nose whenever she feels necessary. Tabitha is also a pretty good kid, so her parenting skills aren’t bad considering their supernatural background. I know there was a little boy who came in the later years, but I don’t recall her parenting skills with the new addition.

7. Lucy Ricardo

Lucy Ricardo is clearly awesome. Although in the beginning of little Ricky’s life, we rarely see him and she seems to pawn him off to poor Mrs. Trumble way too often. However, little Ricky is a pretty good kid and a talented percussionist as well, so he has to have pretty good parents. The reason why Lucy makes my list as a great mom is because she actually risks her life on a high-rise building, fully dressed out in Superman gear to ensure that her little Ricky has a wonderful birthday party. Although most mothers who go to such lengths for their little one, are not privied to being joined by the actual Superman (in this case, George Reeves).

8. Marion Cunningham

I just think that Marion is sweet as Pie. She has an odd affinity for Fonzie, but I think that is just her maternal instincts trying to help a greaser bum in need. Richie and Joanie are great kids, and that has to be, at least in part, to Mrs. Cunningham.

So those are a few favorites. I am going to add another post about some terrible mothers from television. Who is your favorite TV mommy?

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