Think eggs, think nightmares.

Think eggs, think nightmares.
I read recently that it is common for pregnant women to have bizarre dreams. Can someone tell me what qualifies are bizarre, and furthermore, what is the reasoning for these dreams? is it like a hormone thing? People have asked me in general conversation if I have had any weird dreams. First of all, I really don’t dream as often as I used to. When I became pregnant with my son in 2009, I stopped sleeping well, and have yet to regain the same quality of slumber that I once prided myself for. I guess pregnancy makes it hard to sleep, but having a child makes it even more problematic. So the reason why I am curious about these “weird” or bizarre” dreams is because I want to know what that means, is that a euphemism for sexual dreams? or horrible nightmares? or maybe just something that is completely confusing like walking around in a David Lynch movie? Someone needs to inform me, if they have had “weird” dreams but I want specifics.

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