Do people even shop in stores anymore?

Today I was contemplating going to the local store (in my case, my town unfortunately only has a Wal-Mart for all-purpose shopping). I really dread going to Wal-Mart for two reasons; one is that I don’t particularly care for the store or the service that they provide, but more importantly,since I am in a small town, I always end up seeing at least three people who I would really prefer not to see. I don’t like stopping to make small talk to someone I was sort-of friends with in the tenth grade. I really have anxiety issues going to this store, but if I want to get cheap formula, it is the only place in town I can go. Then I thought about the fact that in every other situation, I would prefer to just buy online. If I could also buy all of my groceries online, I would. If given the opportunity would I become a total hermit? no, not so much because there are a few places that I actually enjoy going like Target and Trader Joes but alas, the closest of either of those is about 40 miles away.

So for things that are so easily accessible through the internet, do people even go to regular stores anymore? I just discovered this site called which perfectly illustrates the buying power of the internet. The site offers not only a myriad of products in a variety of categories but also gives consumer information about it. They are one of those sites that compile all of the prices of a certain product so that it can be more easily accessible to compare the different stores. So for instance, if you were looking for trundle bunk beds, you would type in said description and you would get an entire list of these available items from online stores. So I started searching a few of them.

So I was contemplating what I was going to do when my little girl comes in January. My son will be 16 months old and he already sleeps in my bed most nights. I converted his crib into a day-bed, which he enjoys. My first idea was to get a bassinet for my newborn and just let my boy sleep in the crib or my bed with me. The bassinet thing will work great for a few months, but soon she will outgrow it and I will have to turn that day bed back into a crib. The reason this is stressing me is because I am very broke and I only have a two bedroom house, thus things are tight. I started looking at a cute pirate ship bed because let’s be honest, pirate ship beds are the new racecar bed. I guess I don’t have to worry about it right away since I have a little more than two months before my baby girl is even home, but I know how time flies. Another thing that I saw when I was on the site was these really cute twin bunk beds with stairs which is totally a consideration for when my kids are a bit older. I know it is premature to think about two beds that are for children much older, but I think we all kind of do that with our kids. This morning, my 14 month old brought me a book that he wanted me to read to him, and I immediately thought about whether he was going to go to Yale or Stanford. No reason not to think ahead, as long as time doesn’t fly by too quickly.

One thought on “Do people even shop in stores anymore?

  1. Ana

    When I was buying a bed for my son, I decided to go with the bunk bed from Walmart. I got it online and just picked it up in the store because I saved a ton on shipping. Anyways I got really sturdy beds for about $160. And I was in my early pregnancy with my daughter, who just turned 1. But I was thinking ahead as I knew her crib will not last forever.

    I got this one, but the price was lover almost 2 years ago 🙂

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