Terrible mothers of television

To accompany my previous post of great mothers from television, I thought we might reflect on some truly terrible moms.

1. Nancy Botwin

Weeds is one of my favorite shows, I really do love all of the characters, especially the lovable and always hilarious Andy (Justin Kirk). As the years go by, I can’t help but think that Nancy is a really awful mother. What started out as a desperate mother’s attempt to maintain a certain amount of stability in her sons lives, after their father unexpectedly dies, has turned into a circus. Nancy really doesn’t think before she acts anymore, and she has become much more selfish with each season. It is no surprise that Shane, the previously youngest but now middle son, murdered someone. These kids do not have a solid role model.

2. Peggy Bundy

Does Peggy Bundy actually do anything? she whines a lot, holds her hand out for cash and dresses in leopard spandex. The woman is a mess. It is no wonder that she has two brain-dead teenagers. The daughter is a mindless tramp and the son is this creepy weirdo. If you can actually sit through an episode of the insufferable Married with Children, the only likeable person is not even a person at all, it’s their dog.

3. Pretty much of the mothers of Desperate Housewives

Perhaps one of the reasons all of these housewives are so desperate is because they are so self involved that they think they are supposed to have so much more in life. Bree is crazy but actually cares for her gay son and tries cover up her knocked-up daughter shameful secret. Although handled completely wrong for both situations, she actually seemed like she had good intentions. But from the beginning, she was not a warm mother, she was a cold stepford wife. Susan is out of her mind, and although her daughter is an intelligent and mature girl, there is little proof that any of that was due to Susan’s parenting, especially since Susan seems like she still needs to grow up. Edie was completely absent from her son’s life, to the extent that we don’t even learn that she has children until a few seasons in. Gabrielle is too vain and childish to be a good mother. The worst mother of them all is Lynette, the woman constantly complains that her sweet husband, Tom, forced her out of her career to have children. It is understandable to be a little resentful, but she basically lets the kids know that their existence was against her wishes. She is also harsh on everyone and always seems to make the wrong decision. What is up with the lack of maternal compassion on Wisteria Lane?

4. Miranda Hobbs Sex and the City

Miranda conceived Brady on accident, and she never lets anyone forget that fact. Although, with the addition of the two movies, we see that Miranda has actually learned to be a pretty decent mom (although now we know that Charlotte sucks at it). In the beginning it was Miranda complaining often about her career being sidelined for her son, or her social life being put on the back-burner or her general single woman life being destroyed by this accident. A child should never feel like an accident, and that is why Miranda was not a good mother.

5. Lois

I only saw Malcolm in the Middle a handful of times, but that woman needs to stop screaming every second of the day. Stress is not good for children.

What mothers from television make you cringe?

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