Where do you come from?

My Culture


Who you come from and where you come from make up so much of who you are. Being a mother means that you introduce new values and traditions to your children. Here is a list of things that I come from.



1. I am from: enchilada, tacos, homemade cookies that are way too big, omelets, and baked potatoes.

2. I am from: stacks of DVD’s and VHS’s where there is no end in sight, computer chords that are terribly hidden, an overweight cat that looks more like a lump of fur that walks than a feline; photos of family in the hallway that are also accompanied by photos of Paul McCartney and John Lennon as if to say that they are more than just members of the Beatles, they are family. There is also the assortment of board game pieces; there is really no good reason why there are little pink people from the game of Life or the letter Q and S from Scrabble in the fireplace and freezer.

3. I am from: My mom who has always been my real true best friend rather than the rotating door of girls my age through my lifetime, my brother who has always been my protector and confidant, my husband who made me change all my ideas of marriage and what I thought being an independent feminist was. Then there are my two grandfathers, who have passed on, but who have died being heroes and legends in my eyes.

4. I am from: pig Latin that my dad and I would speak in just for fun, Spanish was a language that I struggled with the many times I tried to learn it in school, and German, the one language that I was able to get a grip on and learned that it was not an angry language but a beautiful one.

5. I am from: women can do it all, they are the strong ones. My single mother raised my brother and me with such grace, she struggled every day but it looked like it was a breeze. Always a smile on her face and love in her heart. Women were also seen as being just as smart and capable as the men, anything was in my grasp and I could earn it just as easily as my brother. Also, knowing everything about a car was also something that was not gender exclusive, every woman should know how to change their own tire and oil, not to mention change the muffler while talking about your opinion of the body style to the 1978 anniversary edition Chevy Corvette.

6. I am from: “be polite and say please and thank you” “never sink to their level, just give a smile and walk away” “If they started it, your going to finish it” “It’s not their fault, they are not as smart as you” “ tell them all to take a short walk off a long pier, that’ll confuse them and they will go away”

7. I am from: having whatever you want as long as you don’t become greedy because being spoiled is not an option, researching the perfect car that we can afford, cutting coupons but forgetting to actually use them, paying in cash because credit cards will just cause trouble. When nothing sounds good we order Pizza and make root beer floats because that always straightens us out.

8. I am from: college is too important to forget and the longer I can get away with going there, the longer I will. Travel to Europe, Africa, Asia, and heck all the continents, if I can do it, I will. Write for a periodical, have a room in my home just for books and an apple tree in the back yard, teach children and adults how to read, be a teacher of many subjects, have two children and three dogs and spend every second I can with them and my husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/or whoever it is it, and live happily ever after. The End.

Now I just want to know what my children will say in 20 years when I asked them where they come from.

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