Breast milk, the best milk, yeah we got it

In the February 2007 issue of Medical News Today,“Breastfed Babies Become Upwardly Mobile Adults”explored the question about whether or not those who were breastfed and those who were not, grew to be more successful in life or whether there was a difference at all. After doing research in the rural and urban areas of England and Scotland, it was discovered that with the addition of researching each person’s household income,expenditure in food, birth order, number of siblings and social class, it was discovered that the only factor that seemed to really make a difference was whether or not the person was breastfed as a baby. It was discovered that those who were breastfed rather than bottle fed were more easily able to rise from lower class to the higher social class. The consensus is that breastfeeding is much healthier for a baby because they grow up to be healthier and more successful people but there also needs to be a strong bond between the baby and mother in order for that to be the case.

Babies are better able to fight diseases because of breast milk opposed to drinking bottled milk. There is great nutrition gained from breastfeeding and children are less likely to end up obese if they skip the bottle in order to receive the mother’s pure milk. The connection that a mother shares with her baby is also a very important part of all of the advantages that they gain from being breastfed, if a mother is more active in their infant’s life, the child will grow up to be a more successful person. There is also the fact that if a baby is exposed to its mother’s breast milk while the mother is ill, then the baby could greatly suffer much more than if the baby simply drank from a bottle. The article only further illustrates that babies grow into much more successful children in different ways if they are breastfed.

 However, there are so many other factors that relate to breastfeeding. It is easy to shake a finger at someone and tell them that they will be harming their child if they do not breastfeed but what about us mothers who are not able to? When my son was born, I struggled greatly due to my lack of milk. I tried my hardest to get as much nutritional food in my system and avoided alcohol and other foods that make the food less safe for the baby. No matter what I did, there just wasn’t enough milk for my baby. After only three days, I tearfully gave in to my husbands request to allow him to get a can of formula. I felt like a total failure.

A girl who was a former friend, who had a child with a close current friend, informed me that she had plenty of milk but decided to not breastfeed because she wanted to drink and eat whatever she wanted and claimed “It was so annoying to sit there and wait for him to be done.” This infuriated me because I wanted so badly to provide my baby with breast milk.

There are always reasons why we cannot breastfeed, whether it be that our bodies are not able to do it, or that something in our lives makes it difficult. We have all read that breast milk is the best thing for our children, duh, we get it, but how about a little more understanding from these so-called experts?




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