Insurance, why it can be such a hassle

So as a single mother in a terrible economy, I struggle with every penny. I thought that I would do a series on the different kinds of insurance that we have to pay and how sometimes it feels like it is not worth it. Lets be honest, when something terrible happens, insurance is totally worth it and we sigh a giant bit of relief when we have it, but each month when you look at those premium bills, it seems like such a bummer.

The first form of insurance I am going to discuss is auto insurance. If you are a good driver with a really good record like myself, the rates are not that bad, but it can still be difficult to find a reasonable rate with good coverage. There are a myriad of websites that allow you to check out free auto policy quotes. I recently went on the website, and filled out one of those quote survey things and was actually pleasantly surprised with the quotes that I was given because I was having a bit of an issue with my current insurance company. I will not divulge who I am using now, because my experience is not necessarily the same as someone elses.

Six years ago, I had a really scary car accident. My friend and I were driving home from a class in my mothers car, and when I turned left at a green arrow, a car ran the red light and smashed right into us. He was going more than 65 miles an hour, the car spun around three or four times and it felt like slow motion. I remember sitting there with my head down thinking that it reminded me of Punch Drunk Love when Adam Sandler and Emily Watson get hit by the truck. Anyway, the car was completely totalled and I was so upset because I really thought I was going to die but I was more pissed off once the car stopped that I jumped out of the car and attacked the guy who hit us. He claimed he did not realize the red light was for him, but he was going way too fast anyway. Well needless to say, my mother had badass car insurance and they took care of her immediately, giving her a new car. It really seemed like it was within like a week that everything was all taken car of.

So the thing to remember is that if you can find affordable car insurance, you really need to get it for yourself, it is totally worth it. I was able to go online and get myself discount auto insurance and save myself so much. Saving yourself the most you can is really important when you are a single mother. The next in my series of insurance posts will be on health insurance.

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