Insurance, Take 2!

In a previous post, I discussed insurance and how sometimes it seems like such a hassle to pay every month but sometimes it really is worth it. There are some types of insurance that I just don’t understand. Some people actually have insurance on their pets, those people either have way too much money or will never have children. Caring for your pet is a wonderful thing, but sometimes paying an insurance premium is just giving you reason to make unreasonable decision about Fido who has probably led the life he was meant to lead. There is also insurance you can buy on items you purchased in a store, I was once asked if I wanted to extend my one year warranty on a microwave I purchased, the extended warranty was $69, and yet I only paid $30 for the actual microwave. A fair form of insurance is cell phone insurance, especially if you have a toddler. Phones, especially these fancy pants new phones, always seem to break and having insurance on them can be a lifesaver. I pay $7 a month for complete coverage on my phone, which is fantastic because sometimes your phone can just die, or perhaps your child can throw it in the toilet, and you need a replacement right away. Not dealing with the hassle of trying to find an affordable replacement is awesome. If you are someone who likes to buy the newest trendy cell phone every 6 months, this insurance would probably be useless though.

The major insurance that is always a controversial one is health insurance. I think health insurance is actually the most beneficial of all. Having that comforting feeling that you and your child are going to be covered if something goes wrong is totally worth the aggravation of paying that monthly premium. When you consider the amount you have to pay if a problem arises and you are not covered, it all works out for the better. There is also the tendency for people to skip going to the doctor or even the emergency room because they do not have insurance, your health is your most important asset, and your child’s health is even  more important.

With new health care reform that has come into fruition this year, things have become more complicated for people who pay for private insurance. I have to admit, I was pretty upset that my premium increased because I am basically paying for those who do not have to pay. By the way, a 26-year-old being covered by their parents plan? wtf? That is insane, I won’t be 26 until March, and I cannot imagine still being covered by my parents.

So anyway, if you want to get health insurance information check out this website, It is a really helpful site that goes above and beyond your typical quotes. It does offer quotes, but there is a wealth of information on the site that can help anyone in their quest for the proper insurance. HCIMedical allows you to find the cheapest insurance rates online. There are a lot of links that actually help you understand what you are paying for, like the difference between having a PPO or HMO or having catastrophic insurance. Checking out is a good idea if you are planning on getting your own insurance, those who may still be on their parents plan. Single mothers who are in the same boat as me should really check it out because of all of the information that they provide. Sites like this are really beneficial to someone like me, who always wants to be informed about low-cost medical insurance and what my options are.

If you have any suggestions on other types of insurance that we are expected the pay, let me know and also let me know what you think about health insurance, car insurance and even cell phone insurance. I plan on doing a future post on government benefits for single mothers, so stay tuned.

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