When working out gets difficult on your pregnant body.

I am 32 weeks pregnant and I’m spent! After months of consistent 40 minute power-walks everyday, today my body let me down. This morning I began a very brisk walk up a slight incline with my two dogs in tow, when after about 15 minutes my body began to feel very odd. I began cramping, there was pressure in my pelvis and I felt light-headed.  Realizing that I did not want to be stuck too  far from home, I began my trek back at a much slower speed. I began thinking of what I would do if I passed out on the side of the road, or what if my water broke? or maybe I would just go into labor right there and I could not make it back home? Of course I had my cell phone with me, so most of these concerns were not completely valid. But after today, I feel like I should perhaps start taking it easy. Taking a break from walks until the baby came may not be the biggest deal in the world, besides it is getting unbearably cold anyway. Yesterday, I went to the library and checked out a pregnancy yoga video because I was contemplating substituting my daily walks in favor of a video that would allow me to exercise in the comfort of my own home.
Something else occurred to me on my walk home, what if I am not eating enough for my little girl? I do feel hungry more than I should. When I was pregnant with my son, I was hungry often but would always fill my cravings, with this pregnancy I am trying to be more practical and only eat what may be the minimum health requirements. I am not trying to starve my baby by any means, I am just trying to maintain a healthy weight to ensure an easier delivery. So now that I have 8 weeks left, should I indulge even a little? maybe just do my inside workouts and skip those strenuous walks? or is this just me getting lazy towards the final laps of my pregnancy? What are your work out routines? Do you stick to a rigid healthy diet?

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