Sprout is pure genius

For the past three years, I have had the pleasure of not having cable in my home. It never seemed very important to me, so I never cared enough to waste the money. I am one of those people who like specific shows, so I will either watch them online or get the DVD. Well, since my father moved in a few months ago to help out and be a full-time nanny for my son and expected daughter, he begged that I allow cable in my home. I can understand being bored, staying home all day, so I agreed. Of course I tried to convince him that I was a housewife for the better part of those three years and managed to find a myriad of tasks to perform around the house, but he’s not the Martha Stewart type, so I gave in.

At first, the commercials alone made me crazy, so I was a little irritated that I allowed this madness in my home but then I found a fabulous little network called Sprout. The genius behind Sprout is that it basically caters specifically to the toddler set. There are shows that feature songs, animals, wacky puppets and so much more. There aren’t even a lot of commercials, which makes it so much better. My 15 month old seemed to only be interested in shows like I Love Lucy and Mad Men, but suddenly became enthralled in this educational channel.

To be perfectly honest, I love the shows too. They are fun and entertaining. Recently I read an article about how it is evil to allow your child under 2 to watch television, but it’s hard to discourage what is clearly something that I enjoy too. The problem may be that there have been so many articles and studies done on every element of parenting, that it is getting more difficult to differentiate between what is real and what is crap. Either way, I like Sprout, and so does my kid, sorry developmental researchers.

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