Baby Shower Ettiquette

Having about 5 weeks more to go in my pregnancy, I am still being pestered with the question; when is the baby shower? when I respond that there will not be a baby shower, people seem disappointed and surprised. There are a few reasons why I did not and will not have a baby shower.

1. My son is only 15 months old, which means that it has been less than 2 years since my last baby shower.

2. Although with this pregnancy, I am having a girl, I still feel that it is too soon for another one. I still have plenty of baby items.

3. I am going through a divorce right now, so it is kind of weird time for me.  Since I am pregnant with my estranged husband’s baby, it seems even weirder.

4. Since I am due in January, the holidays fall right at the time a baby shower would take place, who has the time?

So that is my response to the question, sorry to disappoint. Something I may consider is a welcome home party. Perhaps two weeks after bringing my daughter home, I will have a gathering for my friends and family to meet my little girl. Seems like a fair compromise to me.

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