Christmas is still Awesome!

Remember when Christmas used to be so exciting when you were a kid? The presents? the lights? the sweet snacks that your parents let you eat in a gluttonous matter because it was a special time of year? Then you get older, and Christmas doesn’t seem as exciting. There is still an element of excitement for those who have children because you get to experience all of that joy through the eyes of your own child. This year has been a rough one for me, and although my 15 month old is now able to experience the holiday more than he did last year, he is still quite young. Even though I have very little money this year due to my recent separation, I made every attempt to splurge a bit and I don’t even feel guilty about it.

When people asked me what they should get my son, I emphatically stated that he must get practical items only. Well of course, that never works. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I found that many family members purchased items for me, my son and my expected daughter on This was very exciting because we each got a new pair of Cole Haan shoes. If you are not aware of Cole Haan shoes, check them out because they are really nice.

Since I am a working single mother, shoes are kind-of a big deal for me. Personally, I haven’t had a new pair of shoes in about two years, so when I got a pair of Carma OT air pumps, I about lost my mind. These shoes are so classy, and totally my style. Even though it seems shallow sometimes, a girl loves to get a great new pair of shoes. My mother, who gets a little crazy every year bought my son Cole Haan shoes that look like old fashion shoes from the 1940s or 1950s, which I really appreciate and he loves (this is the kid who worships all things “I Love Lucy”). Finally, my mom also got my expected daughter cute little slip-ons that she won’t fit in for at least a year, but I know she was just in the mood to shop.

This year was quite unexpectedly exciting. The presents my children and I received were amazing and generous. I got great deals that I painstakingly shopped for in order to get pretty fantastic presents for friends and family. Family is the most important part of the holidays, and I was overjoyed to spend that time with so many of my family. My son is crazy about his uncle, and vice versa, so I was ecstatic that my brother was able to come to visit this year.  Next year I will have two children  and that excites me to no end. The best thing I learned this Christmas; Santa Clause scares my son almost as much as Santa always scared me.

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