First trip to mommy and me

The whole mommy and me class is something that we all hear about. Perhaps it is because I was born in 1985 and there were many films, televisions shows and real life parents that discussed the importance of such a class. When I discovered that my town also had this class, I was excited and also slightly disheartened that they have changed the class to the more politically correct, “Mommy, Daddy and me”, are they freaking kidding? can’t we have anything for ourselves? Let’s be honest, how many men would really attend such a class? unless the class is located in a more progressive city like San Fransisco. My current hatred for men aside, I attended the class.

I have wanted to join the class since my son was a few months old, but for some reason it took me a really long time to actually go. I guess I just assumed that he may enjoy the class now, at seventeen months, more than before. Well he did love the class.

It was a weird time to attend for the first time because they were having a valentine’s day party. There was little organization, and it was a bit alienating for us newbies who were unaware of a potluck or valentines that were expected from the mothers. It was interesting to see a former classmate that I had not seen in 6 years, who was now the mother of three children aged 5, 3 and 18 months. I didn’t even know she had any children.

My son is a really sweet and loving child. He loves to give people hugs and kisses and he just wants to be friends with everyone. Unfortunately, most children do not seem to be the same way, at least not this group of children. My son attempted to make friends with a group of girls, one of which pushed him by his head. The other girl just looked at me and said, “can you get him away? I hate little babies”. Little bitches.

Overall, I found mommy and me to be mildly entertaining but mostly upsetting due to how my son is just too sweet for those punks. But he also had such a great time and was blissfully unaware of the negativity. This is why I will return.

For the record, there were over twenty mommies in attendence and not a single daddy.

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