The irony of writing a blog about motherhood.

   When you have children, it becomes impossible to get anything done. A shower is a luxury that you never really appreciated. When one of my parents comes over, I ask if they would mind watching the kids while I jump in the shower. That shower is like a weekend at the spa. Hot water blasts over my head muffling my ears from any potentially crying children. Even taking a long pee is a moment to myself that I cherish, assuming my son doesn’t burst through the door.

     This week, I had an optometry appointment. The doctor was a good hour away so a friend, who was in town visiting, came along for the ride. My kids stayed home with their grandfather. After the appointment, I decided to make a quick shopping trip to Target. Once again, that four-hour period that most people wouldn’t even think about became some sort of moratorium for mommyhood. The trip wasn’t all that spectacular. I marveled at what I wanted to buy, but only for a moment before realizing that I am broke. I bought diapers for my daughter and a puzzle for my son. Even when mommy is taking time for herself, she can still only think of her kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I love my children more than I could have ever imagined but sometimes I miss having time for myself. I haven’t been blogging much lately because my son is obsessed with the computer, so if he sees mommy on the computer, he screams and cries until he can play with it. I constantly wonder how mothers who work from home and depend on putting food on the table through that income, are they even able to get any work done. What is the secret to getting your child disinterested in that marvelous glowing monitor?

Well, my 3 week old daughter is quietly exploring the room, and my 17 month old son has fallen asleep under the very desk that I am currently writing at. These are one of those moments where I am experiencing one of my mini-vacations, while also typing frantically before one of them brings me back into reality.

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