Television for children

In a previous post, I commented on how much I love the channel, Sprout. It is a network that is made for toddler-age children and features shows that are short in length for those short attention spans. After having cable for three months, I have come across a few shows that kind of freak me out. The first one is called “Dirt Girl World”, a show about a little Australian girl who is very into gardening and hangs out with worms and such. The show is beyond irritating and really creepy. There seems to be some sort of new type of animation involved. I think a real woman’s eyes and mouth is attached to the animated face. The worms and other bugs are animated bodies with human heads. It is so surreal, it is actually hard to explain. I never thought of Australian accents as being annoying, but after listening to these characters, I want to go ballistic. I also have the sneaking suspicion that the little girl is a slut. I can’t explain the logic behind my theory but she just pouts and smirks like she is asking for it.

Another show that really causes me irrational hatred towards a fictional child is “Caillou”. The name alone is stupid. Who names their kid Caillou? It follows the life of a 4-year-old boy as he goes to pre-school (they call it playschool because they’re Canadian) and lives out his little fantasies. It’s a woman who does the voice of the little insipid constant irritation. There are times when he makes obvious statements and I literally yell at the television “Are you a moron?” I’m sure this is a ridiculous, and perhaps, crazy reaction but I can’t stand that kid.

Now for a show that I love and never thought I would; “The Wiggles”. Some may assume that the show is a bit pervy, being about four middle-aged men in multi-colored turtle necks that sing and dance and hang out with a pirate named Captain Feathersword. But once I saw how much my son interacted, I was hooked. Every other show, he basically watched like a zombie but with “The Wiggles”, he is standing up, dancing and singing. There is something quite warm about the four guys too, they aren’t all that creepy. One of the guys, Jeff, is always falling asleep to which the other guys must wake him up. I don’t really get this odd little characteristic, what’s so funny about narcolepsy?

Since I have an 18 month old son and a 2 month old daughter, I know that I have plenty years ahead of me of baffling television. As long as I don’t have to watch Spongebob, I think it will be okay. I don’t even mind a certain purple Dinosaur.

“Motherhood” The Movie.

There are some movies that come and go through the theater so quickly, most people don’t even realize that they exist. “Motherhood” is one of those movies, a combination of poor advertising and little interest is what I am guessing caused the demise of the film. I remember vaguely hearing about the movie, and seeing a poster that was written in the Disney font, which caused me to believe that this was a Disney film. This is not a Disney film, but rather a dark “comedy” about a very bitter mother.

Uma Thurman puts on glasses, frumpy clothes and brown hair dye to do her best impression of a stay-at-home mom(the fact that she is a mom in real life is irrelevant because she is also a famous, rich movie star). She runs around New York city with a scowl on her face, and consistently stays winded while her frustrating life continues to irritate her. She is a struggling writer that attempts to find moments to write her blog while being thrown a barrage of parenting issues. This sounds eerily familiar.

The movie is kind of odd, it almost contradicts itself. Complaining about being a mom seems to be its main focus, but it sprinkles in moments of happy reflection. I guess that is what motherhood is sometimes, but the film has a pretty whiny and bitter protagonist.
The movie isn’t bad, but there are strange scenes such as a weird encounter with a mail currier. There is also a plot point in which Thurman’s character attempts to enter a writing contest, that is never resolved. Not a total waste of time, but definitely not a classic.