“Motherhood” The Movie.

There are some movies that come and go through the theater so quickly, most people don’t even realize that they exist. “Motherhood” is one of those movies, a combination of poor advertising and little interest is what I am guessing caused the demise of the film. I remember vaguely hearing about the movie, and seeing a poster that was written in the Disney font, which caused me to believe that this was a Disney film. This is not a Disney film, but rather a dark “comedy” about a very bitter mother.

Uma Thurman puts on glasses, frumpy clothes and brown hair dye to do her best impression of a stay-at-home mom(the fact that she is a mom in real life is irrelevant because she is also a famous, rich movie star). She runs around New York city with a scowl on her face, and consistently stays winded while her frustrating life continues to irritate her. She is a struggling writer that attempts to find moments to write her blog while being thrown a barrage of parenting issues. This sounds eerily familiar.

The movie is kind of odd, it almost contradicts itself. Complaining about being a mom seems to be its main focus, but it sprinkles in moments of happy reflection. I guess that is what motherhood is sometimes, but the film has a pretty whiny and bitter protagonist.
The movie isn’t bad, but there are strange scenes such as a weird encounter with a mail currier. There is also a plot point in which Thurman’s character attempts to enter a writing contest, that is never resolved. Not a total waste of time, but definitely not a classic.

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