Ah, “Baby Bullett” so unnecessary, and yet so enticing.

]You know how sometimes when an infomercial plays, you scoff at first glance because you are a completely practical person that does not need the crap that they are trying to sell you? Well, actually there are plenty of people who relish any crap that people will sell you. However, I pride myself on not falling for buying stuff I don’t absolutely need.

The first time I saw the ad for the Baby Bullett, I was immediately transfixed, but this may be in part to my long running obsession with the original Bullett. Although both are basically blenders, they seem so fun to use, perhaps the title itself, which promises intense power. Not to be all Tim the tool man Taylor about it, but I love me some power.

In any case, this super blender allows you to mash-up the fruits and vegetables that you could pay a lot to have all prepackaged and provided by Gerber, or you can make your own. Now, the obvious reality is that people have been making their own baby food for years with little to no help from such a machine. This one also comes with little jars that you can place the date when made on a dial that encompasses the top. The date feature is neat, not nearly as amazing as the girl in the video finds it, it’s as if she discovered there was this thing called gravity.

Again, all of this can be done with a blender, or better yet, a food processor, but it’s so darn cute! They put an adorable smiling face on it, and make it a lovely shade of sea-foam green to make it extra appealing. Should I get one? I don’t know, maybe if I see it on sale at Target some day and am defeated by plenty of money to spend but nothing else that catches my eye. Not usually a problem. But alas, when that day comes, I won’t have any use for the Baby Bullett because most likely, I will not have a baby anymore, but merely a toddler that wouldn’t eat mashed up food anyway.

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