Flashback from my own childhood: Hocus Pocus

There were a lot of dark, and relatively creepy, films of the 1980’s. But in 1993, Hocus Pocus brought back that trend of semi-frightening and inappropriate kid’s movies. Maybe they hadn’t received the memo that early 90’s were more about kids playing sports with humorous results.

This morning, I put on Hocus Pocus while getting ready for work in hopes that my son would be distracted while I got dressed and fed my daughter.

There are a few things that came to my immediate attention about Hocus Pocus

1. The concept of the lead kid being a virgin was completely expected and believable because, well he’s like 15 years-old. Oddly enough, everyone around him seems to question him like he’s Steve Carell or something. This is a Disney movie, isn’t a 15 year-old who has sex unheard of? and before you answer that, this was like 16 years before Miley Cyrus was a thing.

2. Vanessa Shaw was always the hot girl as a teenager, and she still looks great. It is nice to see that the object of Omri Katz and Jonathan Brandis (in Ladybugs) affection wasn’t unfounded, the girl was a perfect dream girl and still is. She should be in more things.

3. Thora Birch was adorable! remember when she was like the Dakota Fanning of the early 90’s? She was the go-to cute kid who could also act.

4. I don’t know whatever happen to Kathy Najimy, and I do not miss her one bit.

5. Sarah Jessica Parker is kinkier in this movie that she ever was on Sex and the City, actually she may even have Samantha beat. Requesting to dangle the young boy from a hook to “play with him”? wow.

6. Omri Katz, are you there? it’s me, your fan. He was only a fairly cute young man, and only normal-kid-actor talented, I mean not exceptionally so, but I really liked Omri Katz (Max). He was also on the 90’s show Eeri, Indiana, and a super odd movie by the name of Adventures in Dinosaur City.

7. It’s strange that Binx is voiced by Jason Marsden when he is a cat, but played by some other guy when he is in boy form. Jason Marsden was a television mainstay of the 90’s, Almost Home, Step by Step, Boy Meets World, Full House, I could go on forever. His voice has become emblazoned on my mind, and I find it comforting.

Final verdict: Hocus Pocus is still plenty entertaining, but not nearly as great as I remember it as a kid. Perhaps, I prefer the more dark overtones of 1996’s The Craft, when choosing a witch movie.

Mini-critics verdict: My son was not even remotely interested in this movie. He occasionally glanced at it, but held no attention whatsover. My 7 month-old daughter liked Binx the cat and seemed to be amused by Sarah Jessica Parker. We all go through that phase, I suppose.


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