Flashback from my own childhood

Since I have come to the conclusion that I am slowly turning my children into those weird retro kids, I decided to embrace it rather than avoid it.

I work in a very chill office, and my boss often has her 12 year old daughter come into the office when she has no where else for her to go. We have a huge plasma television that hangs on the wall. My desk is located in the perfect spot to get distracted by whatever the girl watches that day.

This particular 12 year old girl, which I assume is not very different from the typical 12 year old girl, likes watching “comedies” on the Disney channel and Nickelodean. She also watches an exhorbinant amount of childish cartoons which I find odd because when I was her age, I think the only animated show I watched was Daria. But I was also a jaded, sarcastic, 12 year old who thought she was better than everyone else.

Anyway, it occured to me that these shows are so over-the-top, colorful, actually blindingly colorful, and silly. I have to admit, sometimes, there is a fair amount of well written lines. As I told her how silly the shows were, it hit me! These shows are all just Saved by the Bell and California Dreams, and I ate those shows up every day. Hell, I still love watching reruns of Saved by the Bell, but who doesn’t?

Lately, I have been bombarding my nearly 2 year old son with shows and movies that I liked as a child, trying to get him away from the current favorites. Yes, it seems silly but my shows were just better! Well, that might not actually be true. I have decided to do a new feature by flashing back to shows and films that I watched as a child and taking a critical eye. As an adult, I can see how these forms of entertainment hold up over the years. My son’s input will also be important, he will be my little Owen Gleiberman. So stay tuned for far too much analysis involving kid’s shows and films of the 80’s and early 90’s!

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