School supplies, little league, Barbie dream house, oh my!

Since my children are both under the age of two, I often feel eager for their growing up. I am not saying that I want to miss out on their adorable baby and toddler moments, but I am going to be psyched when they are older and can do more fun things.

Having a daughter is great because I can break out the old Barbie stuff and play house with her, or rather, her brother can play these pretend games with her because they are so close in age. The costumes, oh the costumes! I am already working on a make-believe trunk for dress-up.

With my son, I am incredibly excited about when he wants to play little league or go boxcar racing. I am sure my daughter will be the same way, for two reasons

1. They are peers, and so they probably will want to take part in the same activities.

2.When I was a little girl, I loved doing everything my older brother did. Which probably explains my penchant for “dude” activities now.

I am also a huge school nerd. The very sight of school supplies makes me giddy beyond all reason. A new highlighter? mechanical pencils? and a three ring binder?!! so exciting. Don’t even get me started on my adoration for new backpacks. My point being, I can not wait until my children are old enough to go to school. The very idea of helping them with their homework brings me so much joy.

When I talk about these moments, and how I often feel they need to arrive much quicker, I realize that I should enjoy the times I have with them when they are babies. But the thing about babies is, they cry, they eat, they whine, they poop..all over the place! they puke and they keep me awake all night. So as adorable as they are, they are exhausting. It is great to see them in these stages of development. So innocent and sweet. When they start having relationship issues and ask me for money, I know I will look at these days fondly.

But I sure can’t wait until I have an excuse to go to the arcade.

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