My house is covered with crayon drawings, and why I don’t even care.

When I was a kid, I was really fastidious, almost to the point of some serious OCD issues. I remember being 9 years old and freaking out because there was one stuffed animal that fell over in my otherwise perfect bedroom. It didn’t look like a child’s bedroom, it looked like a museum exhibit of what a kid’s room looks like after their mother cleans it.

I have no idea where this came from, but I was still one of those creative kids. If I painted with finger paints or spent hours coloring, I made a good mess, and swiftly cleaned up any reminisce of free-spritedness. But needless to say, I loved to draw and color, I still do. I find nothing more relaxing than coloring for hours. I honestly think that I always wanted to have kids, and I always enjoyed kids because it is just an excuse to remain a kid.

My 2-year-old is obsessed with school supplies, which irritates me because he loves to draw on everything. The fact that I too have an obsessive love for school supplies doesn’t make our shared interest any more adorable. You could give him any toy in the world, but if he finds a pen or highlighter, he has found his joy. Oh, and if you attempt to take one of these writing utensils away, there is hell to pay!

Something odd has occurred though, my son has been drawing on walls with crayons, and I am just so proud of his excitement with his work He loves to paint, and loves to color, and frankly the kid isn’t half bad. I mean his scribbles with the crayons are a little insane but the kid knows how to finger paint like a pro.

Since my boy’s birthday is tomorrow, and then he will officially be 2, I told my mom to buy him an activity table for his artwork. The thing about coloring for kids, is that it really is a pleasant way to keep them entertained. They enjoy it, and to be honest, I love it! I enjoy his excitement over the new colors that he discovers. When my son is older and getting into all kinds of mischief, I am going to be looking back at those Crayola adorned walls fondly.