A tale of being torn between two cities.

In less than 20 weeks, I will have nowhere to live.

Over a month ago, I decided that I was going to move to a lovely city in the south, that would be the ideal place for me and my children. I planned for this. I researched housing, schools, employment, daycare, recreation, and all of the other things that I deemed important to making such a big move. I was really psyched about the whole thing. But once I actually found someone to rent out my house come April, it all started getting very real.

Suddenly all of these other factors started coming into the picture that made me reconsider. A very good friend, one might say best friend, lives in this adorable city in the south, and so living there seemed perfect along with all of the other elements.

Meanwhile, I have another close friend that has wanted me to move to his desert city. After visiting this city, I knew it was not the city for me. I live in the desert now, and have had my fair share of it. I also was set aback by the rudeness of the people. But there are a few good things about this place such as, it is closer to family, it would be significantly cheaper to move, and there are some of the best schools there. That is pretty much where it ends.

I know that I would be much happier in the south, but there are factors that may end up taking a mighty harsh emotional toll on me. It can be very lonely to move to a new place, but a place that is on the other side of the country from most of the people I know? Can’t even imagine that level of lonely.

There is also a huge elephant in the room with moving to the south, an elephant in the form of my more-than-friendly feelings for said friend.  It was something that I was fully prepared to get over, and move on. Being friends was most important anyway, and it really was the best place for me to move. I realize now that it was a hopeful thought but pretty silly and unrealistic.

Both of the places would be perfect for my kids, so I am not worried about that aspect one bit.

So I now have less than 20 weeks to decide on where I am going to live, find a job, find a place to live, find a daycare, finalize my divorce, fix up my house for the new tenants, sell most of my belongings, basically start a new life.  Time has been flying by so that time will be here shortly.

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