I knew the Bumbo were death traps!

In an article I read this morning, the Bumbo is causing concern because of an incident where a 9-month old baby fell backwards, fracturing his skull.  This is exactly why I was eager to throw the Bumbo I had for my first child straight into the garage after exactly, one, test sit. That thing is still sitting in there, because I didn’t dare let it see the light of day with my daughter either.

The question may be, why do I even have it around anymore? Well that would be a completely reasonable question for someone who doesn’t have a 1 car garage that is packed to the brim with baby stuff that I don’t need anymore, but am waiting to sell. It literally looks like a satellite boutique of Babies R Us. But I digress.

There was a lot of popularity with these Bumbo seats a few years back when I was pregnant with my son, and I actually received 3, in total, at my baby shower. It’s basically the baby shower equivalent to a toaster. The problems with this chair seemed to show themselves from the first seating. It is very easy for a squirmy baby to fall back on it. There is also the fact that the space for the infant’s legs is surprisingly narrow. Although my daughter is quite the chubby girl, my son was fairly thin for a baby and still had a hard time.

There are always baby items that are super trendy for a while, often without reasoning. Perhaps, a future post will be about those so-called “must have” items, that have now become ridiculous in reflection. Ideas anyone?

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