Kids are expensive, dammit!

Since I have decided to relocate to Seattle in about 66 days! give or take, I have had the unfortunate realization that being broke is even less fun and more pertinent when you have children. Clearly, this is something that we all struggle with, no big shock that kids are expensive. Actually taking the time to analyze where this money goes, is both disheartening and also depressing.

Childcare/Preschool- Looking at the cost of daycare is like looking at the price tag on a dress at Barney’s, you just know those numbers must be a misprint. Having two children, one would think there would be some special rate, but alas, those rates never seem like quite the deal one would expect. But in all fairness, why would I assume that someone would give me a deal to let them watch two rugrats rather than one.

Shoes/Clothes- Constantly growing, almost to an extent that would make it completely believable that a pair of pants or shoes that perfectly fit in the store, have already been outgrown by the time you make it home. This is why a lot of the clothes my children wear are either hand-me-downs from relatives, or simply stuff I bought on eBay. Buying kids clothes on eBay is genius by the way, everything is lightly worn because everyone shares the heartache of having children outgrow something that they wore once.

Food- The rising cost of food in general is such a pain. My daughter has grown out of the baby food phase, which is nice. But even though I don’t have to buy specialty items for her, or my son, two little bellies are sure expensive to fill. When I put my three large bunches of bananas on the counter at the grocery store, I am always questioned. The fact is that my children and I go through bananas like water. We each eat a minimum of one a day, which can really add up.  Although my daughter doesn’t eat baby food anymore, she still drinks formula. Even though her bottles have been drastically reduced, it’s still a costly item. I have no idea how my single mother kept me and my brother knee deep in kudos and Poptarts, because that shit is too expensive to even ponder. Besides, I am much more interested in filling bellies with citrus and vegetables than junk food that is artificially sweetened.

Travel: It doesn’t matter that the combined weight of me and my two kids is less than 200 pounds, if I am buying a plain ticket or train ticket, I am buying three tickets. Also, a spontaneous road trip is out of the question, you can’t exactly sleep in your car with two small children. Don’t even get me started on Disneyland!

Diapers- The great thing about diapers is that they don’t last long. My son is being a bit of an annoyance with his potty training, but he is getting there. My daughter is only 1, but I have a feeling it won’t take her as long as her brother. For me, diapers may be both the biggest waste, but also the biggest relief when it comes to childcare costs. It really is just a temporary money drainer. Also, I have to say that using Amazon’s subscribe and save program really does save a lot of money. It is also nice to just have diapers delivered to you. I have serious distaste for shopping though, so online is always the best thing in my opinion.

So there we have it, a quick look at why kids are so damn expensive. Worth the price of course. I can not imagine a life without my children, so being thin in the wallet seems like a pretty fair downside.

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