Getting that baby itch…

I would life to preface this post by letting everyone know that I am not pregnant, nor do I plan on getting pregnant in the near or distant future. Having said that, I am getting that itch. It’s only a slight itch and it goes away nearly as quickly as it appears. For most women, they know what itch I speak of; the baby itch.

Before I became pregnant with my son, I was so excited about the prospect of having a baby, and it turned out great because my son is insanely awesome. But after I became pregnant with him, gained 70 pounds, becoming an enraged hormonal psychotic, and nearly dying from childbirth, I wasn’t too eager to have another one right away. But alas, making plans is for fools because it was only 8 months later when my period outdid Godot. This was even more problematic when my pregnancy coincided with my husband and I separating.

But all was well, I had a healthier pregnancy, a happier pregnancy (sans  baby daddy) and a safe and easier birth. So now I have a son that is 2 and-a-half and a daughter that is almost 14 months, and they are each other’s best friends. I love that they have reached an age where they can actually play with each other. They are in that great stage, where my son lets his sister beat him up but always helps her out when she needs it. Nothing cuter than overhearing your son tell his sister how good her coloring is going.

As I am moving out of my house, and selling old stuff, I have to part with all the baby stuff my children have outgrown. It seems to have happened far too quickly. In some ways, I am glad that they are getting to an age of more self-reliance and less of a mess, but there is a sadness that always looms.

If I were still married, and happily so, I would be prepping for another baby. Perhaps it would not have been a big rush though. But seeing as how I have no prospect or interest in marrying someone else, or even having a child with someone else, it’s a rather moot point. But it is an interesting thing how your biological clock keeps ticking, and occasionally becomes audible after your children outgrow things.

Luckily, I will only be 27 this month. So there is a lot of time ahead of me. My mind might change a million times. A year ago, I stated with fiery certainty that I would never marry again and would definitely never have children again. But I think the lesson is simply to never say never.

But for now, I shall cherish every moment with my children. Enjoy the growth that they make. Hold on to the fact that they still very much need me and really are just toddlers. I am also eagerly awaiting the birth of my first niece, who is going to be born this month. That excitement is overwhelming in such a different way.

If I feel the itch again anytime soon, perhaps I will just get a cat.

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