Cardboard Castles and Forts Made from Sheets? That’s Just Child’s Play!

Playing pretend has never been so easy, thanks to the burgeoning trend of museums catering to your child’s active imagination. Spending the day indoors has never been so much fun. Each museum or activity center may be different, but they all serve one purpose; hours of fun and learning. Pretend City in Irvine, CA has a variety of exhibits, such as a dental office, grocery store, and even an indoor beach, for those rainy days, no matter how seldom they may be. Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett, WA allows your triceratops-obsessed child to take part in a dinosaur dig, take flight with a faux plane, or dance across giant piano keys like a miniature Tom Hanks.  Imagine Nation in Bristol, CT allows children to be an ESPN newscaster, an aspiring scientist, and even an astronaut. Search in your area, to find the closest museum that will allow your child’s imagination to flourish. 

As a new resident of the Seattle area, I took my two kids to the Imagine Museum in Everett, and it was the entirely the bad-ass experience one would think it would be. The reason why this is my new obsession is because it is basically like a fun house of playing pretend. I still love playing dress-up, breaking out the Dr. Sets, and play kitchens. The only bad part is that it is pretty expensive. It is like 8 bucks per person, even kids over 1. The problem is that when you have little kids, they tend to get tired after an hour. Also, toddlers tend to go for mid-day naps, so you have to be careful when you go. My son had a great time, and my daughter (who is only 18 months) had a good time that quickly turned to tears and exhaustion. Either way, it’s pretty fun.