The word NO, and other obnoxious things said my toddlers.

  Children are a wonderful gift that make life worth living. They are also obnoxious, to an exhausting degree, most of the time. My children have reached the age of “NO”. As a parent of toddlers, I am often comforted to know that I do not have to deal with the teen years for at least a decade. However, toddlers are moody, rude, and disobedient, so there really is no major difference. I can relish the fact that I don’t have to deal with hormonal teenage boys and girls coming over to “play” with my kids, and even take solace in the fact that I am not required to bus them to the mall, lend them my car, or worry that they may be acting like hooligans while roaming the city streets. Instead, toddlers are always around. I don’t have to worry about what they are doing, because they won’t give me a moment of peace. I take a shower, they want to join. I go to sleep, they are scared to sleep in their bed, and need to cuddle with mommy. I know that in ten years, I will look back at this time and cherish it. As I am writing this, I am viewing my children playing outside with their father, while I have quiet time in my office to reflect upon all of this. Since I am currently working from home, there is very little time to escape from the zoo of my home, to actually ponder how great it is to be a mom. But it is.

  Lately my son, who may be considered the “good one” has been spouting out “no” to almost everything I throw at him “Eat your dinner Sebastian”, “No, I don’t want to eat my dinner”. “Come here please”, “No, I don’t want to come here please”. There is no real reason for his negative response, or he simply does not understand how to formulate his reasoning.

  The term, “the good one”, sounds a bit harsh for the sibling, but I think we all tend to find one child to be more well-behaved than the other. My daughter is a raging bottle of crazy, and I love her. She is beautiful and sweet, smart and has ridiculously advanced dance moves for a 2 year-old. But for all intents and purposes, she is nuts. She will wake up screaming for no reason. She throws tantrums that make absolutely no sense. I hear this is normal though. I find it unacceptable, but it is apparently normal. She will not say “no” as often, she will simply scream and cry.

 We recently moved to a new home. After moving out of state last year, we decided to leave the horrid apartments we were imprisoned in and rented a large home. It is light-years beyond an improvement. There is a huge yard for the kids to play, a rec-room which holds all of their toys, and stairs that entertain them. The house is also located in a quiet suburban neighborhood, which makes it pleasant to go for a stroll. Their freedom and improved environment may have made them a bit more spastic. I assumed they would be happy with this change, which they are, but they are only demonstrating such happiness through defiance.

So is the instability of moving causing the crazy? or perhaps this is just what it means to have toddlers. Anyone else have similar toddler issues?

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