My kindergartner did Independent Study, rather than traditional school. Here’s why it worked for us.

There are public schools, private schools, charter schools, and there are options such as home schooling, independent study, and distance learning. Today, it seems, there are more than enough options to educate our children, which I am incredibly thankful for. I had a hard time in high school because traditional school was too much for me. The kids at my school were just so cruel and I am a sensitive person. Once I entered college, everything changed. I was social, easygoing and perfectly pleased to be there.

When I began the process of putting my child in school, I was a bit disheartened since the school he needed to attend was the worst school in the area. The administrative staff was rude and ridiculous and it became increasingly clear that the bad attitudes paired with the poor rating on the Great Schools website was enough for me to seek alternatives. When I was in high school, I did independent study for a few months so it was something I was somewhat familiar with. My flexible work schedule gave me the opportunity to do the same for my kindergartner. We met with the teacher once a week. The teacher was a delight and I have to admit to being a bit sad the school year is over. The rest of the week, it was up to me and my son’s dad to help him complete all of his work and develop all of the skills a child should have by the end of the year.

As much as there were days that were a struggle just to get him to focus and finish tasks, the entire experience was fantastic. He can read, write, do basic math, and identify shapes. He is able to measure things, understands basic science principles, and continues to pick up new knowledge everyday. There is nothing more exciting as a parent than to be the one who encouraged and helped him do all of this.

Next year, things will be different and he will be attending traditional school with his sister. Not everyone has the work flexibility to do something like independent study with their child, but for those who can and will, you will not regret it.


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