The gloriousness of being an unemployed Mom

Most of my adult life I have flip-flopped from being a contributing member of society (i.e. having a job) to being jobless. Admittedly, most of the positions I have held may not actually qualify as anything contributing to anything other than the thickness of my wallet. I typically take a job for a while, live on the cheap, quit said job, live off of the money I made while spending time with my kids.

After having kids, I realized the importance of getting out of the house as a way to avoid going crazy. After a little more than a year of employment at a job I had worked prior to moving to another state, I once again left. My boss understood how stressful the job was for me. It was also a job with absolutely no room for growth and not exactly great pay. It may sound like I am an ungrateful person who should appreciate any job I can get, especially in this economy, but what can I say? I was born in the 80’s this is how we roll.

I will never be wealthy, I understand that. I am, however, not sorry about the fact that I get to spend so much time with my young children. I do work, don’t assume I am able to just float by without a care in the world. Most of my work is freelance which allows me to stay home. It can be a bit complicated when a deadline is looming when I have two little ones screaming in my ear to make them a sandwich or pay LEGOs with them. It’s all fine by me.

I have an extremely judgemental brother who thinks I am raising my children wrong. There will always be someone in your life who thinks you’re raising your children wrong. He thinks working at home is not a viable form of employment, and I he may actually believe I spend too much time with my kids.

Here’s the thing; my kids are only going to be in this beautiful Lego-playing, Dinosaur-pretending, cuddling, phase for a little bit longer but office jobs will always be there.

As the new year approaches, I will be going back out into the harsh world for regular employment. This short hiatus I was able to take allowed me to write a book (will be out the first week of December!) Help my son count to 100 and read, teach my daughter Taylor Swift dance moves, and spend hours pretending to be a horse, dinosaur, princess, and Godzilla. These are the moments people, these are the moments.


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