I want to be Taylor Swift when I grow up (Except I am older than her)

I don’t actually want to be Taylor Swift, but how great is she? I am sure it is probably cool to not like Taylor Swift because she is overwhelmingly popular, and rich, and likeable, but  I would totally be on her squad. The media is fairly kind to her too, which is surprising because it’s the media and they are not typically kind to anyone. She donates her money and her time for causes she believes in, and she has proven herself to be quite the role model for young girls and boys alike.


One of the things I like most about her is that my kids, their dad, and I can share our fandom with the same artist. Rarely is there someone two 30-year-olds, one six-year-old, and one five-year-old, can all genuinely adore. Her music is catchy, her videos are rewatchable to the point of insanity, and the good she does in the world is commendable.

My five-year-old daughter is super stylish. She wears hair bows as bow ties, dresses three sizes too small as a shirt, animal print pants, hats, scarves, nothing is off limits. I never thought of it as anything but an inevitability, because when I was her age, I did the same thing. I didn’t wear hats though, my head has always been too big for hats. Her style is not dissimilar to Taylor Swift, but I am almost positive my daughter began dressing this way before she started watching Taylor Swift videos.

taylor swift


Similarly, my kids also like watching Katy Perry videos. Katy Perry always has colorful and fun videos, and I am a pretty liberal parent, so cupcake bras are not a problem. I am also not too worried about her videos, Taylor Swifts videos, or Lady Gaga’s videos being a bit too much for my young children because these women are being who they are and having a good time. They do not need to be role models to my children, I need to be a role model to my children. That being said, kids look up to and appreciate elements of the people they see on screen, sometimes wanting to emulate them. I was this way as a child, we all were. I wanted to be Alanis, Fiona, Liz Phair, Mariah , and Whitney, because they were cool, stylish and made good music.

As an adult, I now appreciate Taylor Swift. Taylor is actually close to five years younger than me, not exactly a huge difference. However, Taylor is living the life of a single and free woman in her twenties, whereas I have been married, divorced and have two elementary aged children.  It makes me feel like an old lady in comparison. I like Taylor for that youthful exuberance, but also for her dedication to helping others. Millennials get a bad wrap because they are known for being the absolute worst. Honestly, I hate that I am technically within those ridiculous age guidelines of being a millennial, but Taylor Swift is doing the millennial thing justice. She’s a hipster to the extreme, and uses technology at great length, she even names her cats quirky things. But it works for her. Gotta go, “Shake it off” is playing, time for a dance party.