The Best Parent Parody Videos on the Web

There have been parody videos for a while, but it seems that the last five years have seen the emergence of the parent parody videos.Some are only mediocre, but some are hilarious and so spot on. Here are a few of my favorites from around the web (In no particular order).

  1. Blank Space Parody


Taylor Swift’s song about past relationships gets the mommy struggle treatment. Rather than singing a song about lost love, the ladies of What’s Up Moms sing about the desperate need for caffeine just to keep up with the little ones.

2. Baby Got Class


The Holderness family are adorable with their version of Sir Mix-a-lot’s Baby Got Back. Baby Got Class raps gleefully about the joys of kids returning to school after a long summer vacation.

3. I’m So Pregnant


What’s Up Moms does it again with a parody of Iggy Azalea’s I’m so Fancy with I’m so Pregnant. Hilariously, the ladies sing about the trials of pregnancy including bloating, peeing, and strangers wanting to get handsy.

4. Bad Mom


Taylor Swift’s epic and elaborate video Bad Blood has it all; supermodel friends, awesome fight scenes, killer clothes and Taylor sporting some great hair. MyLifeSuckers does an amusing but also relevant parody, Bad Mom. The video goes over all of the things that moms give other moms grief about when really everyone is just making it up as they along.

5. Thrift Shop Parody


This Macklemore parody comes from What’sUpElle, Elle  being one of the lovely mothers from What’s up Moms. The Thrift Shop parody is from the daddies this time and it pokes fun of just how expensive it is to have a fashionable kid. As a West side parent myself, I am familiar with overpriced shoes and dresses for toddler’s who are going to outgrow them in a day.


6. Shake it Off Parody


What can I say? I think the ladies of What’s up Moms are endlessly funny and right on target with their parodies. Once again, we get a parody of the amazing Taylor Swift because her songs are just so damn good. This particular parody deals with those who dare to try out Pinterest projects no matter how useless they craft may be.