I am A Total Soccer Mom!


There was a conversation I had with my two college roommates about thirteen years ago that has come back to me lately. It went something like this:

Roommate 1: “Ugh, could you imagine being a soccer mom? Just escorting your kids in a sad mini-van to games and being in charge of snacks”.

Roommate 2: “If I ever did something like that I would need an intervention. What about you, Megan? Actually, I can’t even imagine you being a soccer mom. It would be weird”

Me: “Sure, me with a mini-van? right. Maybe if my kids wanted to play baseball, but soccer isn’t really a sport”

WELL, WELL, WELL, guess what? I am a soccer mom and I love it!! My seven-year-old daughter is playing in her second season of soccer and she adores it. She gets so energized just by seeing her soccer friends, and after the games and practices, her mood is elevated for the rest of the day which is saying a lot since she seems to always have high spirits. Her dad, brother and I make every practice and game. We bring out our chairs and just soak up the whole event. The games are especially exciting for me. Who knew that a soccer game featuring seven and eight-year-old girls could be so thrilling? I swear every game has me more enthralled than when Brandi Chastain tore off her shirt during the 1999 Women’s World Cup.

The other girls on the team all have their own strengths and fantastic personalities, the parents are supportive of all the girls on the team, and everyone is there to have a good time. Even their nineteen-year-old coach is an absolute delight.

I will admit that I feel I failed miserably on the snack. I volunteered us to do snack one of the first weeks. Not having a lot of experience with such things as my parents never allowed me to join any sports as a kid, I relied on what snacks parents brought for my older brother’s little league. Times certainly have changed since the late 1980s because Swiss-Roles and Capri-Sun just don’t cut it anymore. We are talking little baggies filled with homemade and organic snacks. How was I to know? Now, I know.  Next season, I am going to bring it with my snack game!

So, I have become the person I didn’t think I would be back when I was a silly twenty-year-old. We are even looking at buying a Mini-Van as our second vehicle. Yep, I went full soccer mom and I am pleased as punch.

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