The Town of Manere (A note from All that Remains protagonist)

Not every small town is quaint and charming. Those so-called hidden treasures are not nearly as mysterious as they claim. If you stumbled upon it merely by taking a shortcut, it’s not hidden. It just happens to exist on an alternative route from your original intended path. These places are not a secret, but I’m sure the illusion of being something undiscovered gives thousands of people every year a good story to tell their friends once they get home. Who doesn’t want to be the one to suggest a sweet little town off the beaten path? Who doesn’t want to claim to discover something? Christopher Columbus did it even though he didn’t have to look hard. It was already there, Chris.

 The truly hidden towns are the ones you’ll never know about, or for a few, you may discover only after something so shocking happens within the town, something that spills over into civilization, is there a possibility you will find out the place ever existed. Manere Valley is a town that was more than hidden, it was a deeply unseen township filled with residents who, for five decades, had no idea they were living a lie. They were unaware that the supposed refuge was not a sanctuary but a prison with banishment, or sometimes death, as the only shot at a release.


All That Remains

Release: January 16th, 2020

Angela Abrams of Manere, CA is like any other seventeen-year-old dealing with friends, crushes, and the politics of high school, but Manere is not like any other town. Nestled between desolate highways of the Southern California desert sits the community of Manere; a town too remote for even the most adventurous traveler to stop. After graduating, Angela has the opportunity to go beyond the town’s limits but must say goodbye forever as Manere does not allow one to return after they have made a life outside of Manere. Once she discovers a series of missing people, all of whom are being covered up by the corrupt Manere Police, Angela decides she must do something. Along with her best friend, Milo, Angela uncovers the truth behind a childhood friend’s disappearance and the mysterious circumstances of her father’s death during her final summer in Manere.